NZOHNA Inc offers you support in attaining and / or maintaining professional competence to practice Occupational Health Nursing in New Zealand.

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Membership Benefits

  • The opportunity to join with professional members at local NZOHNA Group forums
  • Short Takes newsletter as published
  • Access to the 'member only' section of the NZOHNA website
  • Professional members can purchase insurance via the Insurance Scheme designed for and discounted for NZOHNA members including Professional Indemnity and Public Liability (Download Insurance Information and Application form).  Application Form 
  • Subsidised registration fee to attend the annual NZOHNA conference
  • The opportunity to engage and network with allied occupational health organisations
  • The opportunity to attend local study days organised by local NZOHNA Groups
  • The opportunity to engage preceptor support
  • Lesleigh Jones Travel Scholarship
  • Advocacy through the work undertaken by members of National Executive on policy development and submissions
  • Advocacy through members invitation to contribute to national advisory groups

NZOHNA Inc offers the following categories of membership:


Professional Membership (2021-2022 Annual Individual Membership is $200 plus GST)
(i) To qualify for full membership a person must be a Registered Nurse and hold a current practicing certificate as a Registered Nurse under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2004 and have as their principal occupation that of an Occupational Health Nurse or an associated occupation in health and safety. 

(ii) They must have obtained or be working towards completing and assessment as Proficient or higher levels against the NZOHNA Knowledge and Skills or other recognised clinical Competency Framework. This process will be verified with via a competent Occupational Health Nurse peer support, mentor or other NZOHNA process. 

Associate Membership (2021-2022 Annual Individual Membership is $100 plus GST)
(i) Persons who are Enrolled Nurses and hold a current practicing certificate as an Enrolled Nurse under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2004 and whose principal occupation is occupational health nursing or an associated occupation in health and safety.  

(ii) Persons who are practicing in occupational health as a New Zealand Registered Nurses, holding a current practicing certificate under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2004 or have an interest in occupational health or work in other fields of community health, such as public health, or general practice may be eligible, at the discretion of the National Executive.

(iii) A Registered Nurse new to occupational Health.

(iv) A nurse that is no longer working in the occupational field but wishes to maintain current knowledge.

(v) An occupational health nurse practicing outside New Zealand.

Honorary Membership
(i) Any full member may be proposed as an Honorary Member by the local group for services rendered to the Association and be elected at the discretion of the National Executive, subject to specific criteria documented in the NZOHNA Constitution

Application for membership must be made by clicking on the Membership Form button at the top of the page.