NZOHNA Strategic Vision and Plan 2016-2019.

Our Vision:

Healthier workplaces with healthier people in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Mission Statement:

- to set and maintain professional standards through evidence-based practice

- to facilitate interactive communication within the membership

- to increase the public and political profile of Occupational Health Nurses

- to promote and provide educational opportunities for Occupational Health Nurses

A number of factors have influenced the key strategic NZOHNA priorities for 2016 - 2019, not least the political environment.

There is an identified need for increased health monitoring to improve the occupational health status of NZ workers. Education and awareness are critical factors to this and OHNs are an excellent vehicle to deliver relevant and accurate information within the workplace.

Worksafe NZ has created an unprecedented opportunity for many OHNs to increase their contribution in improving NZ workplaces. However, this is not achievable without additional support. Growth in capacity and capability within the association is required, along with a drive to increase membership and a raised profile.

A review of the NZOHNA Constitution has occurred and the need to maintain the momentum to promote the association is unanimous. With the above factors considered, NZOHNA have identified three priorities that provide a clear action plan for the next three years. These priorities are:
- Membership development
- Competency Assurance
- Marketing

These three initiatives will enable NZOHNA to continue to build upon the strong foundations that currently exist and respond to future challenges.

Occupational Health Nurses are the leading workplace health and safety professionals in New Zealand.