The 2019 NZOHNA conference was hosted by the Auckland group in sunny Whangarei. Following more than a year of planning, it was good to finally come to fruition. We were mindful of providing members with a range of topics and experiences to get the most out of the days, and value for money. We managed to keep the cost of the convention to the same as the Taranaki Conference costs, 2 years ago. This included the workshops for members.

We were really pleased with 110 conference delegates, 21 speakers and 32 exhibitors with 120 people at the venue on Wednesday and 140 on Thursday and Friday.

93 attendees were NZOHNA members. Some non-members were identified as Practice nurses, DHB nurses or nurses working in Occupational health but not yet members.

Our members came from all over the country.

A suspected gas leak meant a cold evacuation of the building on Wednesday, but quickly forgotten and not mentioned in anyone’s feedback! It was a very packed few days with some fantastic speakers with an overall cultural theme with Nurses as ‘The Totara of the Workplace’.

57 attended the Conference dinner, with both the dinner and welcome cocktails having absolutely stunning food.

NZOHNA Executive