What do I need to do as an Occupational Health Nurse?

There are several things you need to do to get ready to list individually for the HASANZ Register

1.  Be a Member of a HASANZ association. NZOHNA is a full member of the HASANZ association. If you have paid your NZOHNA membership fees you are eligible to register as an NZOHNA member.

2.  Registration Standards have been set out in the Knowledge and Skills Framework.  It is expected that you will be practicing at proficiency level as a minimum to be considered for the HASANZ register

3.  Other preparation documents

  • Copy of your Annual practicing certificate
  • Copy of highest RN qualification e.g. post grad OH 
  • Current CV
  • Current APC
  • Current Professional Development Plan (if applicable)
  • Evidence of hours worked
  • Relevant professional development – check against OHN training matrix
  • Up to date with required competency training, e.g. audiometry, vaccination
  • Medical equipment calibration as per recommended standards
  • Workplace/Client feedback
  • Evidence based practice
  • Exemplars
  • Evidence of reflective practice 
  • NZOHNA participation e.g. meeting attendance

4.  Upgrade your skills to meet the required proficiency competency standard. If you do not currently           meet the registration standard set out by NZOHNA, work with a peer or mentor to help put a plan in place to get there. You may need further training or professional development to meet the criteria. The HASANZ Register is all about businesses having confidence in the competence of health and safety professionals, and this includes Occupational Health Nurses.

5. If you meet the proficient criteria of the knowledge and skill framework, you can start your profile page by logging into the HASANZ register. Your professional competence will be formally assessed by NZOHNA executive team. This information will be sent to the executive team via the HASANZ website profile which you will complete and upload your relevant information.

6.  Approval process – you will be notified if you have been successful/unsuccessful in your application to go forward for the HASANZ register by the NZOHNA Executive Panel

7.  Approved applications will then be processed via the HASANZ Register

Further questions - Please contact your NZOHNA executive member