HASANZ Register RGB2 The HASANZ Register is open for business. 

It’s a one stop shop for businesses to find verified professionals across the workplace health and safety disciplines.


19 August - 2018

Hazardous Substances Professionals New Zealand has joined HASANZ as a Full Member




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The HASANZ Register of Workplace Health and Safety Professionals is a national, online database to help businesses find qualified workplace health and safety professionals.

There's a charge to list on the HASANZ Register, but it’s free to use.

To list on the HASANZ Register as a member of New Zealand Occupational Health Nurses' Association (NZOHNA), you must meet the following registration standards: NZOHNA REGISTRATION STANDARDS



Below is a link to a flow-chart that advises how to use the CPD Module on the NZOHNA Website. 



Registration fees

These are the fees you’ll pay when you apply to list on the HASANZ Register:

  • One-off application fee of $150.

This fee is for our administration costs and is non-refundable.

  • Annual registration fee of $100 plus GST

This fee is refundable if your application is declined because it does not meet the registration standards

  • Additional processing fees of $14.75 to cover the cost of HASANZ providing the online payment facility.


Register ambassadors

Our Register ambassadors are trained to help you with enquiries about the HASANZ Register, please contact:

Carolyn Mcaree, Judy Currie, or Kim Pearson


Further information

Check out these resources on the HASANZ website:



NZOHNA Membership numbers will be available by mid January and will be visible on your profile page when logging into the NZOHNA Website

NZOHNA Knowledge and Skills Framework

Link to Knowledge and Skills Framework here (also available when logged into the NZOHNA website).